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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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is trying to prepare himself for it, but he is not in any
sense of the word on probation or trial.

They used to give us Five  Stages on this
Probationary Path ; four of them agreeing with the
four Qualifications about which this book is written :

Discrimination, Desirelessness, Good Conduct and
Love. But it is not fair to speak of those as stages on
a path because we do not, as you all know as a
matter of daily experience, first develop one of those
and then, having finished with that, turn our attention
to another. On the contrary, every one of us is trying
to develop all these Qualifications simultaneously^
We do what we can with all of them, and to some
of us one Qualification may be^very much easier than
it is to others. It is not fair to call those stages on
the Path, nor is it at all correct to speak of such
stages as being separated by anything like Initiation ;

one does not pass from one to another.

The Fifth Stage was that called by a Samskrit
word which means the " man who is absolutely
fit and ready"; one, that is to say, who, after
having developed the four Qualifications fairly
fully, has then became fit for Initiation and is
simply waiting for the time when it will be
convenient for it to be given to him. It is perhaps
as well that we should not use the term " Probation-
ary Path " in general conversation because it is liable
to lead to confusion. Remember that we develop
any and all of these Qualifications as best as we can,.