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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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January 5, 7975

j^ fortnight ago we were just at the last sentence
of the Foreword. You will remember Alcyone had

To hear the Master's words is not enough; you must
do what He says, attending to every word, taking every hint.
If a hint is not taken, if a word is missed, it is lost for ever;

for He does not speak twice.

The last expression is worth your attention.
We who follow Him, and who try to do some
of His work in the outer world, have to speak
twice constantly; we have to say over and over
again the various things which are committed
to us, because people are heedless and do not pay
careful attention to our words. But when you come
into touch with the Master Himself, you are not
expected to be heedless any more. Then a single hint
should be sufficient, and certainly, if it is not taken,
it will not be repeated. You will have to understand
the method in which our Masters deal with. Their

It is very rarely indeed that They issue any direct
order. I can remember when I myself was first