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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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nature of a hint. When it is given, we endeavour to
take it because we know that, if we miss it, that
particular hint will not be given again. You will
understand^ that nothing could possibly follow in
the nature of blame or loss from not taking it,
except to ourselves.  The probable consequence
would be that we should be less likely to receive
a hint on another occasion. Nothing more than
that. Still that is quite enough for those of us
who want to make progress ; therefore we do try to
watch for every glanceó((to hear the faintest whis-
per," to take the slightest hint, because we know that
He does not speak twice on the same subject. He
gives a hint to His pupil; if the pupil will not
take that, then he must find out for himself the
necessity of what has been recommended. A sugges-
tion has been made to him ; well and good. If he is
wise enough to take that, he saves himself much
trouble. If he does not, then it is his own karma,
and afterwards he will probably find that it would
have been better for him if he had been a little more
wide awake. So it is true that the Master does not
speak twice, although of course we in the outer
world have, as a general rule, to speak a great many
times before we can get people to understand or to
listen. That is the end of the Foreword proper.
We then come to the four Qualifications.

Four Qualifications there are for this pathway: Dis-
crimination, Desiielessness, Good Conduct, Love.