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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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That is really, if you think of it, a very good way of
^ putting it. He means that this personality is but a
fragment of the ego put down to theses lower levels in
order to represent the ego here, to gather experience
of various sorts, and to develop various qualities
which can be gained only at these lower levels. As
we know well from daily experience, this personality
often rebels against the ego of which it is a part.
It starts on its own account and on a line of which
the ego, the man behind, cannot possibly approve.
At that point in a man's career when he realises this
fact—that he is the ego and that it is his business
so to order the personality that it shall express
the ego and nothing else—he has passed the turning
point; he has u turned round ?y and is what is called
converted. He has learned to set his affections on
the higher things, and not on the things of earth.

Actually to succeed in the effort to make that lower
personality nothing but an expression of the ego is
quite another matter, but to recognise the necessity
of doing it is the first step. When the man has really
done it, when there is nothing left of the lower self,
when it is but an expression, a reflection of the ego,
then the man is ready for the First Initiation. Of
course then he has to repeat the process as between
the Monad and the ego. For, in exactly the same way,
the ego is a fragment of the Monad put down as far
as the higher part of the mental plane for the very
same purpose—the collection of experience, the