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'FOURTH TALK             61

reception of, and the learning to respond to, vibrations
such as could not be sensed by the Monad at his own,
level. And soothe ego in turn has to learn that he is
a part of the Monad, that he exists only for that
Monad; and when that in turn is fully realised, the
man is ready to become an Adept, ready for the
Fifth Initiation. Those are the actual definitions of
readiness for the two Initiations ; for the first one,
that the higher and the lower self shall have been
unified, that there shall be nothing but the ego work-
ing in this personality, and for the Fifth Initiation,
that there shall be nothing but the Monad working ;

those are the necessary qualifications in the two cases.
So that what is called in Christianity ic conversion/5 in
Buddhism is termed ct the opening of the doors of the
mind to understand," and in Hinduism, ^Dis-
crimination " ; and this is held by all these religions
to be the very first of the Qualifications. For us,
who are Theosophists, it may be expressed as
allegiance to the ego.

Now how are men brought to that stage of
conversion or of allegiance ? Well, they tell us in the
Eastern books that there are four main roads by
which men may be brought to that point. The
Hindu ^ books mention as the first and most helpful
method the companionship of those already on the
Path. Some of you know just exactly what that
means. You know how the influence, for example,
of our President acts upon her people. You know