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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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how the companionship of such an one as she, who
js already on that Path, brings others, makes them
see its glory and its beauty and the necessity for
following it.^ So that is the first and in many respects
the best way. You will realise that the influence
exerted by such an one who is upon the Path is
not in any sort of way to be limited by the words
which she speaks. It is the influence of the life, the
influence of the vibrations radiating from such an
one, that is so powerful. You will find that very
fully recognised in India, for example. In that
country there are a great number of teachers or
Gurus, standing at various levels of advancement
and power. Each has his own set of followers, he
teaches them his own ideas upon philosophy and so on,
but it is not by any means what he teaches which
really does most for them. Sometimes he may give
them a few mantras to recite, some kind of Yoga to
practise, some form of meditation or some exercises,
but it is not that which is the principal thing. The
principal feature is that they shall be with the
teacher ; and that is why they always are with him ;

he has his little band of followers who live with him.
If he is a peripatetic philosopher, as so many of them
are, if he wanders from place to place, then thi^ band
of followers, of disciples, goes about with him, just as
the disciples of Jesus travelled with Him through
Palestine.   If he lives in one place, these disciples
gather round him, they sit at his feet, and they