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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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Whether they wake or whether they sleep, they
are in close contact with it and are absorbing it. It
is impressing itself upon them all" the time.   In
ordinary physics you know that the stronger vibration
will dominate the weaker.  If you put two time-
pieces close together, and if they do not move
regularly together in harmony, the stronger one will
stop the weaker or bring it into agreement. It is
just the same kind of thing which happens on the
higher planes, and so it has always been recognised
that the actual presence of the teacher counts for
enormously more than the words he can say.

The second way is the hearing or reading of teach-
ings upon the subject. Any man who goes into the
subject gets hold of some teaching along these higher
lines.  It commends itself to his intuition, and
immediately he seeks to satisfy his desire to find out
more about it. I know I did. The moment I got
hold of The Occult World, then and there I made up
my mind, <( If that be so—and it is so evidently—if
there be these Greater People, and if They are willing
to accept service from us, and to give us in return
something of Their priceless knowledge—then I am
going to be one of those who serve Them. 1 am going
to pick up whatever crumbs I can, and the only
thing worth doing from henceforth is to set to work
to get into that position somehow." Well, I did, and
I have never wavered from that decision since. That
is thirty-two years ago now.