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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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FOURTH TALK              65

So you see one may arrive at this by the hearing or
reading of teachings on the higher life. Of course
there are many thousands who hear and read the
teaching and yet do not receive any impulse from it.
This is a question of previous karma, a question of
the life that the man has lived in other lives before
this. If he has already come into contact with the
truth, if he has convinced himself of its beauty and
reality in another life, then, when it comes before him
in this life, he knows it is true. That is what happen-
ed to me.  I felt inside myself that these things were
true; therefore I resolved to find out everything I
could about them. But there are many people on
whom the same book would make no sort of impres-
sion. It is amazing to those of us who do grasp the
truth and something of what it means and involves
to see the obtuseness, the lack of comprehension, of
other people with regard to the very same thing.
But it is not the least use being annoyed with those
people ; it simply means that they are at that stage,
that it is all foreign to them, and therefore does not
awaken in them the response that it awakens in us.

It does seem to us amazing that any one who gets
hold of a Theosophical book should not be converted.
It is a most wonderful teaching and it solves a great
many problems, and yet you know quite well that,
when you try to lend Theosophical books to friends,
half of them return them. They say : " Yes, no doubt
it is very interesting/' but they have not really