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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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understood it at all, it has not penetrated the armour
r of their ignorance. The whole thing depends on
whether or no we have the good karma of having
understood "it before ; for the more you have known
before, the more will you see in the thing now. You
can test that for yourselves. Take a book, some
Theosophical book, which made a great impression
on you twenty years ago, read it again now, and see
how very much more you will see in it than you did
then. That marks the extent of your progress.
Take the great Scriptures of the world. You read
the Christian Bible in your childhood. Read some
of it now, and you will find that you will understand
it enormously better. Of course there are parts
which you  read which you will now reject
altogether. But in many parts of it you will now see
a vast amount of information; you will find that
much of your Theosophical knowledge is reflected
there. That is so with the Bhagavad-Gita, and it is
so with all the Scriptures. It is, in fact, the case
with any good book. You are able to see in it that
which you bring with you the power to see.

Then the third method by which men can be
brought to the beginning of the Path is that which
is called in the Indian books f{ Enlightenec} Reflec-
tion ??.  This means that by sheer force of hard
thinking a man may come to see that there must be a
plan of evolution, that there must be those who know
all about it, the evolved and the perfected Men, and