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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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will affect others.   What is required is a careful
balance—you must not think of the effect upon
yourself, but you must think of 1'he effect on others.
It is indifference to the fruit of the action for yourself
that comes to you; it does not mean indifference as
to the result for other people.

The third Qualification, which is called Good
Conduct,  includes the rules which are called
Shatsampafti.   In the Pali form as given by
the Lord Buddha, that Qualification is called
Ufacaro, and that means attention, rather than
conduct; meaning that you are to pay attention to
your conduct in the ways prescribed by those six
6t jewels," as they are called. We shall come to our
Master's rendering of them presently as we go
through this book.  By the Buddha they were
given as " Quietude," that is, control of mind.
Then " Subjugation," that is, the control of the
body ; tc Cessation," (t Endurance," lt Intentness "
and <( Faith ". Those are a little different from the
translations which are given here, further on in the
book. What is here called Cessation is translated as
Tolerance, but the Cessation meant is cessation of
bigotry and of superstition, the putting aside alto-
gether of any idea that your way is better than
anybody else's way ; the idea that any rite or cere-
mony is necessary.   It is cessation of that kind of
thing which is meant. Then of course Endurance,
that is simply cheerfulness in another form, while the