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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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FOURTH TALK             7l

Intentness is one-pointedness and the Faith is con-
fidence in one's Master and one's Self. When we
come to these we will note more in detail the differences
in the statements of the Lord Gautama apd the Lord
Maitreya. It does not mean that They differ as to
Qualifications, but the way in which they are trans-
lated or stated. One looks always from the point of
view of the necessity of Wisdom, and the other is look-
ing always from the point of view of the necessity of
Love ; so that the last Qualification is called (< Love "
in this book. It is really in Samskrit Mumzi'kshatva,
which means ct the intense desire for liberation from
the round of birth and death and for union with the
Supreme/' with God.

The Lord Buddha in His scheme calls that
Anuloma, which means "direct order of classifi-
cation". What He means by that is that, when the
man has developed the other Qualifications in direct
order and sequence, after that development he must
desire to escape from the lower limitations and to
become one with the Supreme, in order that he may
help. So you see, you get these rather different
aspects of the Qualifications.

As you probably heard me tell the general public,.
when, I was speaking about it the other night, this
book is of the very greatest importance to us, because
we know it represents exactly the point of view of
the World Teacher Himself. He designed this book;

He said it was to go out to the world. It may be