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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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FOURTH TALK              73

a new way, is a much bigger task. You have tried it,
I suppose, and you know it is not an easy thing, it is a
most difficult thing ; still it has to be done, it has to
be faced. Of course we are making a special effort;

it is well you should never forget that. This is a
little past the middle of the Fourth Round and we
are trying to do now that which will be very easy to
do at the end of the Seventh Round. Those who go
on to that time will have in their vehicles matter
far more fully developed than we have now, in
every vehicle—physical, astral and mental—matter
with all its spirillse in activity instead of only
about half.  Moreover, all the forces surrounding
them will be helpful and not hindering as they are ^

The vast majority of people in the world do not
know anything about the Path. Public opinion is
overwhelmingly against us. Ninety-nine people out
of a hundred now are fighting against us. The
Masters are on our side and Their force helps us ;

the force of Evolution is on our side and the future
is with us ; but the present is a very hard time to do
anything of this sort. In the Seventh Round all the
people who are making trouble (not wicked people—
I do not, mean that at all—but simply people whose
influence is bearing hard against us in an opposite
direction) will have been shunted out in the middle
of the Fifth Round, and there will be none left but
those who are going our way. In the Seventh Round,