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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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things will be wonderfully easy. Some people might
think, why should we not wait for the Seventh
Round ? It is a long way, you know, and in the
meantime" what should you be doing ? Drifting along
comfortably and happily enough probably, as you
have been doing for the last twenty or thirty thousand
years. From the lives of Alcyone you will find that
you were not pirates or ruffians in those distant ages ;

on the contrary you were all most respectable people.
Why then did you not get on faster ? Indifference ;

you did not try hard enough, or you did not try in
the right way. Then you can go on for another
million years or so on just the same old lines and no-
doubt it will be very much easier in the end. But
those who go through the difficulty now will have the
privilege, the enormous privilege, of helping in evolu-
tion, and they will wear the crown of the helper. Re-
member the old Christian hymn which tells how a man
went to heaven, and looking all round him, found
himself somehow different from all the rest and
wondered what was the matter. At last he met the
Christ and asked Him why this was so, and the
Christ said in reply:

I know thou hast believed on Me

And light through Me is thine,
But where are all those glorious stars

Which in thy crown should shine ?
Thou seest yonder joyous throng

With gems on every brow,
For every soul they led to Me

They wear a jewel now.