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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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People in the world take great pleasure in all sorts
of things which would not interest you—in horse-
racing and drinking and gambling,^ and in various
forms of amusements which are not necessarily harm-
ful, such as dancing and card-playing. All these are
perfectly harmless things in their way, but they are
rather like children's toys ; and just as a child grows
up and finds that he abandons his toys, so have you
abandoned these.

A little child of three or four likes to play with bricks
and dolls, and things like that. When he gets a little
older he takes to playing with toy soldiers, marbles
and such things. When he gets again a little bit older
he cares nothing for these, but he plays cricket or
football or some game of that sort which requires a
great deal of out-of-door exertion. Now, all are
stages through which the child passes, and each is
quite proper for its stage. But as he grows older he
abandons those things he had previously enjoyed;

not for any special reason, or because he thinks he
ought to do so, but simply because those things have
ceased to interest him and he has found something
which is more appropriate to his stage of develop-
ment. And you can see at once that a little child of
three would not become a big boy just because he chose
to ignore all the things of childhood and wanted to
play cricket or football. First of all he could not do
it and secondly, even if he did, that would not make
him a big boy. It is exactly the same with all these