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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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FIFTH TALK                79

other things. It is true that many of these pleasures
of the ordinary world are quite Harmless in themselves,
but they are nŽ longer pleasures to a man who has
been studying Theosophy for many years, because he
has come into touch with higher worlds. He knows
of things which are so much greater, so much more
real, that he does not care about those things any
more. They become rather a bore; so he naturally
drops them. But do you not see that a person does
not become a learned Theosophist merely because he
chooses to drop those things and pretend to greater
knowledge ? In the same way the highly advanced
man does not care for a great many things ordinary
people think necessary, and I suppose you would (no,
not you, the ordinary man of the world would) prob-
ably "call the life of the disciple an intolerably weari-
some life ; that is to say, if he lived, as many of us
live, with no real interest outside Theosophy, nothing
else we care to talk about half so much as Theosophy,
no subject which interests us so much, so that we
would rather take a new Theosophical book and
study it than take up a new book or novel, or any-
thing of the sort.

You can easily see that the average worldling (using
the word in no disparaging sense), would say that you
are always doing the one thing, and do not seem to
know or care for anything else. And that would
be perfectly true; and it is true because this one
thing includes all the rest.   You can see also