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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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that the worldling would not become an advanced
man if he pretended not to care, while all the time he
cared in his heart. One gives up -these things just
because o<ne has learned that the only things worth
gaining are to be found on the other path. Those
who do not know, as it is said here, work for what
exists for one life only; but when you have once
seen the real things you are filled with a single desire,
the desire to work for the Logos, the desire to fall
in with that mighty plan and help in however small a
way to carry it out.

You see, He emphasises this matter very much*
He says:

In all the world there are only two kinds of people—
those who know, and those who do not know; and thi&
knowledge is the thing which matters. What religion a
man holds, to what race he belongs—these things are not

Yet those are the very things about which people
make so much fuss, and to which they attach so much
importance. He says those things are not important
at all. You will realise of how little real importance
they are if you remember that we all of us pass through
different races in turn. You find yourself now in a
particular sub-race of a particular root-race. Why ?
Because that is the stage of evolution which you
happen to have reached. You are put in that race
to acquire the best qualities of it, whatever they
may be. As a matter of fact, although we acquire to
some extent those good qualities, we generally-