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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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FIFTH TALK                8l

employ most of our time in developing the weak-
nesses of that particular sub-race. That is not what
is meant at alj. It is not intended that you should
take up English methods and glorify them to the
exclusion of all others, and say none can be so good
as those. You would probably be quite right if you
said: " No other would be so suitable for me just
now." That is probably true, and that is why you
are in that particular race ; but you may be very
sure of this fact—that you are there to develop its
good qualities, not to take up the defects of those
qualities and the failings which often accompany

Each nation, as you know, has its own special
advantages; but there is no doubt also that each
nation has its special failings, to which its people are
somewhat more prone than those of other nations.
One should study one's own race, but with a view to
guarding oneself against the weaknesses which are
most  prevalent, and to developing the good
qualities. It would be a very great mistake to be
proud of your race in the sense of regarding it as
the only good one in the world. No race is that.
We most of us are proud of our connection with the
great Anglo-Saxon race. Well, it is a great race,
and it &as had and has still a great work to do in the
world. If it is permissible to feel proud of it and of
our connection with it, then this can be only in so
far as it is doing that work which is given to it to do.