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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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Any of you who know the real life of England—of
London, or of any other great city—know very well
' there is a vast amount in that life qt which no one
could be ^ proud—which brings us great regret,
great sorrow, that it should be there; but on the
other hand there are certain great achievements of
the race to which we look back with pleasure. That
has always been so, but remember there have been
similar great facts in the history of other nations, and
that each race is born for a special purpose ; each
race has its part to play, its qualities to develop, and
each helps to build up the whole of the mighty
piece which is being played. Then, if you happen
to be in that particular race, that part in the Drama
which is played by that race is for the moment the
easiest and most natural work for you. It may
be that you pass through that and learn to play some
other part later, but at least the reason of your being
born there is that you require the kind of develop-
ment which that race can give. It is not because
that race is the best or the worst in the world, but
because it has certain characteristics which you
require. Now you may well (being in that race)
make the best of it.  You are quite right to
be patriotic with regard to it, and to feel
that you owe something to it; but, if you y admire
your own race, take great care lest you show
your admiration by depreciating the others, be-
cause that is not well.  You have, of course,