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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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FIFTH TALK                85

seek wildly in all directions for a remedy for
this great and crying shame, and some think
they have foimd it in  extreme radicalism, in
anarchism, in all sorts of strange and abnormal ways.
Having found, what they think to be a remedy they
attach themselves to that cause and prosecute it
unselfishly. One cannot blame them for pursuing
unselfishly a line which they think will bring relief
to their fellows. Of course discrimination is often
very sadly lacking because they see only one side of
the difficulty, and so they plunge themselves into
something which will lead to worse troubles than that
which they are trying to assuage. That often
happens. It is their heads which are at fault, their
discrimination—not their hearts. Their hearts, after
all, desire to do something, often at a great personal
loss and sacrifice, to relieve the trouble of their
fellow-men.  One learns to be very charitable when
one understands all these things. The very same
spirit which makes men join temperance and political
associations of various sorts, which they think will
help the world—that very same spirit is called
forth in its highest aspect the moment man sees
the real plan of the Logos for His system. He sees
at onc^ how perfect everything would be if it could
be carried out, and he sees furthermore that it will
be carried out one day, and that the time it will
take for that desirable consummation to be reached
depends upon the number of people who are ready