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FIFTH TALK               87

least their religion or their race, but the one and
only fact that they stand for God and resist evil; that
they are workirfg for evolution and not for selfishness.
Wherever you find a man who is doing that, there is
a man who is on God's side and he is a brother,
although he may be doing his work in ways we
cannot approve. He may be shortsighted, he may
be very much lacking in discrimination; but, if
he is working unselfishly for the good of others,
if he is standing for what seems to him to be good
and resisting what seems to him to be evil, so far
he is loyal to the highest that he knows; and we
must admit he is working on God's side, even though,
perhaps, some of the work he does is hardly such as
we could think of as being pleasant to God.

You have seen—at least I have—numbers of people
who are utterly good and loyal to their convictions
and yet have most crushing limitations; good, earnest,
devoted creatures who would actually sacrifice
their lives, their whole time, to bring other souls to
Christ as they would put it, and yet who have the
most limited and bigoted conceptions. They have in
some cases a feeling amounting to bitter opposition,
practically hatred, towards those whose belief is very
little different in many ways from their own. Well,
as I have often said to you before, one of the most
striking factors about the work of the Great Hierar-
chy is that, in every such case, They extract the good
and put aside the evil. They take up the force