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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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which that devotion and that earnestness generates
and They use it—every ounce of it—putting- aside all
the evil—which, in this world at any rate, so largely
prevents that good from showing itself.

You know there are many of these Christian com-
munities where the bigotry so overshadows the loving-
kindness that all the impression you get is of bitter
bigotry. Yes, the impression you get—but that is not
the way in which the Hierarchy looks at it. They
deplore the bigotry just as much as you do. They see
the evil done by it more clearly than we can see it; but,
nevertheless, out of all that, They extract the force
of loving-kindness, of devotion, of good intention $
They utilise the whole of that force, and, so to speak,
give credit to those who pour it out, so that every one
of those people will get all the good karma that results
from his goodness and loving-kindness, although at
the same time, for his anger and his bigotry, there will
also be exactly the due result which would follow
naturally. But the good and the evil do not cancel one
another in the world of thought in the same way as they
so often do down here. A man shows this tremendous
bigotry; he does a great deal of harm, and because
of that harm, because of that attitude, people do not
give him credit for the good which lies behmd. So
far as the outer world is concerned the good of that is
very much lost. But that is not so on the inner planes.
He will reap the result of all his ill-natured remarks—
of his ill-considered abuse—that is true, but also he