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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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hear of over in America, who win their way to tem-
porary prosperity by simply destroying a number of
weaker men, beggaring them and throwing them out
of business. They are regarded with execration by
those people whose livelihood they have taken away»
and everyone says how utterly selfish—how brutal
these people are. Yes, but they are so because
they are ignorant.   Such a millionaire is doing
exactly what he has set out to do. He has set out to
crush these other people because he thinks that he
can do that business better—that he can turn out
better results, that he is going to make a fortune for
himself by doing it.  He would never have set
out to do that, if he had known that he was doing
himself far more harm than he did to any of those
other men ; that he was making for himself a karma
in the future that would be infinitely worse than
that of the people whom he has crushed. If he
had known that, as you and I know it, he would
never have embarked on that career at all.  So,
really, instead of execrating that man for his selfish-
ness, the wiser part would be to pity him for his
ignorance. He is acting very badly, but he is doing
so just because he does not understand.

So, remember, it is ignorance that is at th^ root of
it all. Those people who do not know as yet what
they should do, are acting foolishly, for they are try-
ing to invent ways for themselves instead of following
God's way. We ought, by the way, it seems to me,,