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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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FIFTH TALK                9l

try to see for ourselves how far we belong to those
who know. You will say, of course, that we belong
to those who know, because we have the Theosoph-
ical knowledge. No, I do not think that iž all that is
intended by any manner of means.   The brain
knowledge which enables you, let us say, to take up
a Theosophical subject and talk about it, make a
lecture of it, may be quite unreal. The knowledge
which you have may be perfect according to the
books. You may be able to make a speech on the
subject which will be of great use to other students
and help them, and yet it seems to me that your
knowledge may, as regards yourself, be quite unreal
and superficial. I always think that only that know-
ledge which is woven into life, which is acted upon,
whose precepts are practised, is real knowledge.
You live into these truths and they become a part of

All you who are older members will know exactly
what I mean by that, I am sure. You know you
have read some Theosophical book, have been very
deeply impressed and undoubtedly assimilated all it
had to teach in the way of brain knowledge, the
ideas have illuminated you greatly; but ten years
afterwards (assuming that you have been carrying on
your Theosophical studies and living your Theo<
sophical life) read that book again and you will see
how much more it means to you now than it did. If
you can look back to your state of knowledge at that