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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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earlier time, you will see you had it all clear in
your brain, but your conception of what it meant
is now very different from what it was then. That
is because* you have lived the thing since, and made
it part of yourself so that now it comes naturally.

It is somewhat like the difference between doing
some difficult action quite perfectly without intense
attention because you have learned how, and then
doing the same thing years afterwards and doing it
automatically because you have been doing it since
without having to think about it. It is like obeying
with great care some new and intricate law; yet
when, after many years, you have made it a part of
yourself, you forget the intricacy because it has
become part of yourself; it is all perfectly simple
and easy to you. Then only has the knowledge
become a power in your hands. Remember how,
when you were a child, you copied out a page of
writing and you were very proud if there were no
mistakes. You do the same thing now without think-
ing of it and you would not expect there to be any
mistake, because you have the thing as a real power
that can be used. Then it was something novel
which you could only just manage with effort, now
it is all simple and perfect and easy, and you do not
notice all the stages.   It is the same thing with
the reading ^of Theosophical truths. You start upon
them and make great efforts ; yet, so long as you are
making efforts to do it you have not really got there