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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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FIFTH TALK               93

at all. When it has become as a tool in your hands,,
that is the time when you have achieved something.
To finish that sentence:

and so they often act foolishly, and try to invent ways
for themselves which they think will be pleasant for them-
selves, not understanding that all are one, and that therefore
only what the One wills can ever be really pleasant for any

You know it is a great motto of utilitarianism to
pursue the greatest good of the greatest number. It
is a great improvement upon the previous idea that
the good of only a few should be considered and that
the others should be considered a negligible quantity.
Yet it is an imperfect view ; the truth is that you
cannot ignore the minority at all, just because all are
one; and therefore what is said here is the real truth,
that nothing can ever be really pleasant for one
unless it is what the One wills, the One who stands
behind. For, in that One, all are one. You do not
understand that.   You cannot understand it until
you have developed the consciousness of the buddhic
plane. Then, for the first time, you will begin to
know a little of what it means and, even then, only by
slow degrees do you learn how utterly all are one.

You tjhiink of it as a sort of religious duty to believe
that all are one, as a kind of pious aspiration that
some day all will be one. We say: " Well, we have
all come forth from the same great Father and
therefore we are all brothers and we are all one."