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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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We do not understand the reality and the depth of
that until we experience it; and, when you do experi-
ence it, then—I cannot explain; onlythose who have
touched it* know, and they cannot tell you, but at
least some suggestion may be made—all conscious-
nesses are seen as one; all the world becomes one ;

all the love in it is the one Divine Love; all the
beauty in it is the one Divine Beauty, and the
holiness of the world is the one holiness of God.
Christ said that long ago when a man came to
Him and called Him <( Good Master" ; He said:

<( Why callest thou me good ? There is none good
but One, that is, God."  That is very true.
The goodness of each man is the goodness of God
showing itself forth in him, and all the beauty and
glory of the world as you see it in the earth and sea
and sky is nothing but part of that one Divine Beauty;

and stage by stage as you rise through different sub-
planes, from level to level, more and more you will
see that Beauty opening itself out before you, until you
learn to see all Beauty through each beautiful thing.
A very wonderful and a very beautiful conception,
but nevertheless utterly true. It is the truest of all
facts. It is all one ; and when you learn that, then
you will see the glory of the Divine in and through
everything, and you will see all its other glories
through each of those, so that when a beautiful
landscape opens before you, it will not be merely
that which you will admire, but all which it suggests,