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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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January 19, 1915.

You will remember that we were on the ninth page
of the book, where it is said :

They are following the unreal instead of the real.
Until they learn to distinguish between these two, they
have not ranged themselves on God's side, and so this
discrimination is the first step.

That is why that quality or qualification is put
first of allóbecause until people have that, they are
not definitely on the side of right as against wrong.
Of course we have all made that choice long ago;

we have definitely decided to put ourselves on the
right side, on the side of evolution, on the side of
unselfishness and not on the side of selfishness.

But [He says,] even when the choice is made, you must
still remember that of the real and the unreal there are
many varieties ; and discrimination must still be made
between the right and the wrong, the important and the
unimportant, the useful and the useless, the true and the
false, the selfish and the unselfish.             *

These are, of course, all subdivisions, as it were,
of the great division between the real and the
unreal; and it is important for us to bear in mind