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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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know that quite well; but it is the way, and there is
, no other way.


Between right and wrong [He says,] it should not be
difficult to choose, for those who wish to follow the Master
have already decided to take the right at all costs.

That, of course, is quite certain.   If any one
hesitates between right and wrong he does not
really wish to follow the Master. There is a great
difference between affirming the thing and really
wishing it deep down inside. People sometimes say,
" Oh, how I wish I were clairvoyant, how I wish
I could see astrally; how must I begin, what is
the first step ? " Well, the first step is to purify all
your vehicles very perfectly down here on the phys-
ical plane<  You must be very careful that your
physical body does not have anything but the most
suitable food. Yes, they would like astral sight, but,
when it comes to the-point, they prefer what they
call a good dinner, as our President once said ; and
they will have that because they are used to it, and
for the time they forget all about their desire for
astral sight. You cannot do two things at once. If
you want to make progress, all these little petty
things have to become part of your life and you have
to take care about them. I know it is wearisome,
but there is this for your comfort, that, in connection
with all these little things, you can set up habits. All
of us have already set up lhabits, plenty of them—