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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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SIXTH TALK              99

mostly bad ones. That has been natural enough.
Nevertheless we have to get out of them; and when
we have got oiit of them, we may just as easily set
up good habits. We may call to our assistance the
peculiarities of the physical vehicle, for that is one of
its most striking peculiarities—the way in which it
seeks to repeat the things it has done before. That
is what we call a habit; and if we try to set up good
habits, the physical body will go on automatically,
and presently we shall begin to forget about the
things we have left behind. Let us make use of
these laws of Nature that come in our way—we want
all the help we can get. There is no question as to
the choosing between right and wrong. It would be
unthinkable, for example, that we should try to cheat
a fellow-creature—we have got past that, I hope and
believe—or that we should obtain a living, in any
objectionable way, by the slaughter of animals or
anything of that sort. Any person who is doing that
kind of thing, of course, does not wish to follow
the Master. He does not wish to make a radical
change. I hope it does not apply to any of our
members, but—well, there are people you know, who
wear articles of dress and of adornment, which can
only be obtained by the slaughter of animals, some-
times by the slaughter, say, of the mother bird under
peculiarly revolting circumstances. Now, all people
who continue to wear such things as those, do not, of
course, wish to follow the Master. They wish to