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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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follow the fashion, not the Master. So with a great
many things ; but I do not think we should have any
difficulty, we who are only Theosophists. I take it
we have *gone as far as that, and between right and
wrong it should not be difficult to choose, because we
have already decided.

Then He goes on to point out:

But the body and the man are two, and the man's will
is not always what the body wishes.

If you want really to do your best in this matter
of progress, it is worth your while to make rather a
careful study of these different vehicles and see
exactly what they are. Here it is said, quite clearly,
that the body wishes for things that the man does not
wish for ; and this is true, not merely of the physi-
cal, but of the astral body and the mental body. If
you understand the constitution of these vehicles, you
will then see what they are likely to want that is
undesirable for you.  You see, we are speaking of
these almost as though they were different persons.
In a way, they are. Each of these bodies, remember,
is built of living matter, and the life in each of these
vehicles does certainly join itself together, so that
it gets a kind of corporate consciousness. ,You have
all read that this happens in the case of the astral
body, for you have read about the desire-elemental.
If you have not read particularly on that subject, I
should advise you to do so, because, by understanding