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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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SIXTH TALK               101

what the creature is, you can see how to deal with
him with the least possible friction. But, He says:

When your J^ody wishes something, stop and think
whether you really wish it.   For you are God, and
you will only what God wills; but you must dig" deep down
into yourself to find the God within you, and listen to His
voice, which 'v&your voice.

Just the stopping and thinking is so irksome, the
regulated life is so irksome; people do not like a
regulated life, because they want to be free, as they
would say, to do what they wish. The curious thing
is that people of unregulated life do not do what
they wish ; they are slaves to their astral bodies, and
they do what it wishes.  That desire-elemental
becomes practically an entity. It is composed of the
joint life of all the astral cells that make up your
astral body. Each, by itself, would be a small, only
partly conscious life, struggling on its upward wayŚ
on its downward way would be more correct, because,
for it, evolution is to pass into the mineral kingdom,
to pass lower down. When these lives find them-
selves all joined together in an astral body, they do, to
a certain extent, practically club together and act as
though they were a unit, and you get the effect of an
astral body that has strong instincts of its own. It
has instincts so strong that they act as though they
were a will.   In fact we could almost say that
collectively they have a will of their own.

Of course you must not blame your astral body; you
must not regard it, as the mediaeval Christian did, as