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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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a tempting demon. It i& nothing of the sort. It does
not know anything about you or your existence, it is
not tempting you at all. It is simply trying to find
expression, for itself, to find the best way to evolve,
just as all other creatures are doing. The way
for it to evolve is to get coarser and coarser
vibrations, to come nearer and nearer to the mineral
kingdom. That is why its interests are so often
opposed to yours, because it wants the stronger and
coarser vibrations. You, by the very hypothesis,
want the finer ones. and the coarser vibrations are
connected with all those feelings and emotions you do
not want to develop in yourself. All the coarser
vibrations—envy, jealousy, selfishness, those are all
coarse strong vibrations. (Do not misunderstand me,
when I say (< strong".) But the far more delicate,
more rapid and really more powerful vibrations,
love, sympathy, devotion, are all vibrations of the
higher part of the astral body; consequently they
are the kind of vibration that your astral body of
itself does not want, but you, the soul, do. People
have actually asked the question : <( Ought we not
to give it a chance for its evolution ; ought we not
to let it have its coarse vibrations ? " No, that is
mistaken philanthropy, because you cannot do it
thoroughly.  You could not be coarse or brutal
enough if you tried. The nearest dog which you
pass in the street would work these lower vibrations
better.  The kindest thing you can do with the