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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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SIXTH TALK              103

coarser matter of your vibrations is to shake it out
of your astral body and let it fasten itself upon
some savage, aźdog or a cow, where those vibrations
can act and where no harm is done to anybody.
You have the coarse matter in your astral body
because in some previous lives you allowed those
lower emotions to play strongly through you ; there-
fore you have brought over the liability to this
sort of thing. But in this life, let us hope, you are
choosing more wisely and do not intend to reproduce
all the follies of your past lives. You have here
seeds of the very same things that you had in your
last life, but why should you, now that you know
better, indulge in those things ? The best way to
serve them is to shake them out. Send them away
from you and they will go somewhere else where they
will be more in place than they will be with you.
That is the best and kindest thing you can do. You
have of course the responsibility of the past, but you
need not add to that by making fresh responsibilities
in the present; otherwise you will have the same
trouble in your next life. The trouble you have
made for yourself you must bear philosophically, and
you need not make fresh results, or make causes
which will generate fresh results. You have to face
this desire-elemental in your astral body. He is in his
way quite cunning. Although he has no intelligence
strictly speaking, yet he acts very cleverly, very
cunningly. We cannot quite put ourselves in his