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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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place, at so low a stage, but evidently he finds
himself surrounded by something finer than himself—•
mental matter. He appears to find by experiment that
if he can^get that to vibrate along with his matter he
gets very much more vibration than he otherwise
would, and it is very much more intense. If he can make
you think that you want what he wants, he is much
more likely to get it. He insidiously inserts himself and
tries to stir up emotions, but he does not know about
you ; he is trying to stir up this desire, this wish for
something, if he can do it. Suppose it were a case of
impure thought, a very obvious case—if he can induce
an impure thought, he will presently get impure
emotions. You can see how the thing acts. If he can
sneak in a jealous thought there will presently be a
feeling of jealousy rankling, that is what he wants—
not because it is evil, but just because for him it is
nothing but a very strong vibration, a coarse vibra-
tion, such as he enjoys. Still it would be a great
mistake to give in to him in this matter.

Now there is a mental elemental, and a physical
elemental as well. There is the elemental life in your
physical body which is exceedingly useful to you,
remember, and does for you a great many valuable
things. For example, he is engaged in the task of
the building up of tissue and that sort of thing. If
you get a scratch, a cut, or a wound, it is the physical
elemental that at once hurries the white corpuscles to
the spot to tiy to build together new cells. There is