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SIXTH TALK                105

a great deal that is very interesting about the work of
this elemental in your physical body. Only, while
some of its activities are eminently useful to you, it
is liable to have impulses which are not suitable for
you, as you are told here.

First of all He goes into that, He says :

Stop and think whether you really wish it. For you
are God, and you will only what God wills; but you must
dig deep down into yourself to find the God within you, and
listen to His voice which is your voice.

We say: si I am that Self, that Self am I/' That
is so difficult to realise, and I am not sure that any
merely intellectual conception can ever bring the
idea home to you. I can tell you how I, myself, first
got that idea absolutely home, but it is not a method
I can recommend to you. I was making experi-
ments with regard to the atomic sub-planes and was
endeavouring to concentrate all the powers of the
causal body in the atomic part of it. I was trying
to concentrate the whole power in the atomic part of
the mental plane, which it is of course possible to do
when you have developed that consciousness and can
work with it. Now the object of this was to dis-
cover how far one could utilise what we call the short
cuts which run between the different atomic sub-planes.
You know that you can work up from sub-plane to
sub-plane, and then from the atomic physical to the
astral, and so on, sub-plane by sub-plane. But there
is another way also. You can take a short cut from