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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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the atomic physical to the atomic astral, and from
that to the atomic mental. The atomic sub-planes
of all our planes make a cosmic plane^the whole thing
makes a .cosmic plane in its first manifestation with
nothing but atoms at different levels.   Now it is
possible to travel by that short cut.   I heard of
another kind of short cut at right angles, as it were,
again to that, if you can understand this idea. I
heard among higher pupils that, if one's consciousness
could be focused in one of these atomic sub-
planes one got a line of communication open
to the corresponding sub-plane, to a corresponding
plane in the next cosmic sub-plane altogether, so
that, by focusing oneself entirely in the highest
atomic mental, there would be a certain possibility
of coming into touch with the corresponding
mental atomic in the next set of planes altogether
above all the planes we know7. Of course no one had
any hopes of reaching such a plane as that, but there
was a possibility of communication. I tried and
found that there was such a possibility, but it did not
seem to me a thing that one could use at all; yet I
was able to see—I cannot describe it I am afraid—
the corresponding sub-plane in the cosmic mental, two
whole sets of planes above where we are. I could not
reach it in any sort of way-—I do not think that an
Adept could reach it. But, if I could not reach it, I
could at least see it. It was as though I was at the
bottom of a well and was looking up to a star. I could