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SIXTH TALK               107

see that consciousness. I had, I suppose, some very
faint reflection of what that consciousness would
be. The one thing that was borne in upon me, with
an intensity which I cannot describe to yoxi, was the
fact that, if before I had supposed that I had a will,
that I had an intellect, that I had emotions, they
were not mine, they were His. They were His will,
His feelings, not mine at all. I have never forgotten
that. As I say, I could not even tell you how to
try and do such a thing—you must develop the
consciousness of the causal body before it could be
possible to make the attempt—-nor whether the
thing would lead to anything useful.  At least it
impressed that thing upon me with a certainty that, as
I tell you, I cannot describe. I know that that is so—
know it so certainly, so right down inside, that I think
it has affected me ever since. You can gain that
certainty in another way which is more within reach,
though not very near, and that is through the
Buddhic consciousness.  As soon as you reach
that, you find the sea of consciousness opening
round you, and you know that you are a part of it,
that that is you, and yet at the same time many
others are in it and share it along with you ; and of
course, presently, apart from that feeling you come to
realise that this is all one consciousness, and it is
penetrating you just as it is penetrating all others.
So you come to know that you are one with all—that
you are God. That is a very strange feeling. It