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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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gives you the utmost safety, the utmost confidence,
the most tremendous impulse and stimulus of which
you can think ; and yet I can quite imagine that at
first it might alarm people because they might feel
that they are losing themselves.  They are not.
Remember how the Christ said : <( He that loseth his
life for My sake shall find it."   Remember that
Christ represents fche Buddhic principle. The words
then mean : <( He who for My sake, for the Christ
development within him, will put aside the causal
body in which he has been living for so long will find
himself, will find the truer, grander and higher life."
It needs some courage to do it. The first time you
are wholly in the Buddhic vehicle and find that your
causal body upon which you have been depending for
all these thousands of years has vanished—well, it is
startling, and yet that is the way. You must lose
your life for Christ's sake, if you want to find it for
all eternity. For the causal body also passes and is
of time, but when you pass above that, you enter into
the consciousness of the Logos Himself, which
has no limit of which we know anything—I
dare not say it has no limit, I know nothing
about it—it has no limit of which we know
anything whatever.   So to realise that you are
God, I think it needs some such experience as that.
Failing that, you must try all the time to impress it
on yourself. You must say : " More radiant than the
sun, purer than the snow, more subtle than the ether,