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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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SIXTH TALK               109

is the Self, the Spirit, within my heart; I am that
Self, that Self am I." You must say it and you try
to make yourself believe it, but it is more or less of
an effort, it is one of the things that you believe but
cannot realise. When you have one or other of such
experiences as I have described you will know it with
absolute certainty. I cannot convey the idea of it
to you, but you will know it, and nothing will ever
again shake that certainty in you. Then, after such
an experience as that, you have not to dig so deeply
down within you, to find the God within you and to
listen to His voice, which is your voice.
Then He says:

Do not mistake your bodies for yourself—neither the
physical body, nor the astral, nor the mental. Each one of
them will pretend to be the Self, in order to gain what it

He speaks of these bodies quite definitely, as
though they were separate persons.

But you must know them all, and know yourself as
their master.

That is precisely the advice I was giving you a few
minutes ago.  You had better know something of
these bodies and their possibilities.   Study them,
because. only thus can you be prepared to meet their
wiles. They are undoubtedly cunning in their ways,
they will try to make you think you want these things.
Their empire is absolutely unchecked for most people
in the world.   People not only make no effort to