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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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throw off their domination, but they do not even
know that there is any domination to throw off.
They do not separate themselves from their bodies.
Of course it is this disastrous teaching about men
having a soul, which is responsible for so much harm.
If they would only realise that man is a soul, then at
once they would begin to disentangle things a little.
So long as a man has this idea that the soul is some-
thing vague floating about him, so long have you
very little hope of doing him any good. You must
identify yourself with the higher, and so He says you
must know them all; take up the study of the thing
scientifically and read what is written about them»
and you will then have some idea of what your
business is with regard to them. Then He gives
some instances; He says :

When there is work that must be done, the physical
body wants to rest, to go out walking, to eat and drink;

and the man who does not know says to himself: "I want
to do these things and I must do them."

You will notice that very strongly in the case of
children. If a child wants to do a thing, it is heaven
and earth to him, he must do it then and there ; and
if be cannot do it, he thinks the universe is falling
round him.  You will notice the same th;ng with
savages; they are just like that, creatures of impulse.
Just to do some trifling thing they want to do, they
kill a man, the impulse is so strong to do the thing.
The savage is a child. The civilised man stops