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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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SIXTH TALK              III

himself and says, " I will wait and think what will
happen." Remember that the civilised man is the
older man, and the savage is the child of humanityť
So, of course, the grown-up person should remem-
ber this in dealing with children.   The child
dashes off and plays; and far too often we, who
are older, fall upon him and blame and scold
him, not understanding the child nature.  He
says, " I did not remember."   It is absolutely
true ; he did not; but we doubt that because we
know that we should remember. We forget (it is so
many years ago) that we should not have remembered
any more than he. We have forgotten the childhood
of the race, we have forgotten the time when we
were savages, and consequently the savage generally
goes down before the more civilised man. He has
to, there is no help for it; the world must go on.
Just in the same way with the child, we should say,
l< I know you have an impulse, but really you must not
do that just now. It will upset the arrangements of a
great many other people. You must do it some
other time." That is the way education progresses^
It is the same way with the savage; he learns, but
generally he is killed in the process of learning, that
certain impulses must not be followed. It takes him
several births to learn it; but by degrees he becomes
a little less savage and a little more civilised. Most
people never attempt to repress the desires which
spring within them. The man who knows says: