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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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way he will soon learn to trust you even when he is
frightened. So you get the utmost work out of him
with the least possible trouble.      „

A bad trainer will sometimes terrorise a horse. He
will never after that get really good work out of him.
You do not want that, you want to have a friendly
agreement with the creature. Your body is exactly
like that; you ought to find out the best way to deal
with it. It is of no use to try to use Hatha Yoga
methods, that is a great mistake. You must be kind
to it, but you must be the master; it must not manage
you. You must treat it intelligently and get out of
it the maximum of work it can do. Get as much out
of it as you can, comfortably ; never overdo it, never
overstrain its powers, you may do harm in an hour
that it will take years to repair. You will do very
much better by trying to understand it, trying to
find out what it needs in the way of food and drink-
They do not all need the same—they all want carbon
and hydrogen and that sort of thing, but the propor-
tion in which they can take them differs very much.
Within reason, give it what it wants and likes, but
never things which are bad for it, like alcohol and
and meat. Keep up a friendly relation with it; in
that way both of you will get on far more satis-
factorily. But never set yourself at variance with it
as the Hatha Yogi does, thinking you can dominate
it by cruelty or by starving it, or by self-repression.
That is never the way to manage anything, from a