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SEVENTH TALK             119

matter of food values. I know there is a disposition
to think that people who pay too much attention to
food are worrying themselves unnecessarily about
purely physical things. Certainly I would say, do
not overdo the thing; take the middle path and be
wise. But you owe it to your body to find out what it
can take and what amount of that suits it best. It
is quite easy to find out by taking a little trouble
and making experiments.

There are many books on that subject.   Dr.
Kingsford's Perfect Way in Diet I knew many years
ago, but any of the much later books on the subject
would tell you what amount and what proportion of
different kinds of food are needed, how much of the
flesh-forming, bone-forming, and blood-forming foods
are necessary, carbohydrates, proteids, etc. Any of
those books will tell you, and they will give you long
lists of foods which will show you what to eat. Very
likely there may be only one or two^ that may suit
your particular body. Find out what those are and
live principally on them.  You, I take it, have all
been following the' perfect diet—the vegetable food.
You may or may not have had some trouble in
coming to it from earlier habits. I know very well
in England, when people begin to be vegetarians,
they usually misunderstand the whole business. They
have been living principally on meat with cabbage
and potatoes. Their idea of being vegetarians is to
give up meat and live on cabbage and potatoes.