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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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Now potatoes are all starch and cabbage is mostly
water; you cannot live on starch and water. You
need other things—flesh-forming foods—there are
plenty of them, and there are many different kinds
of them; so assuredly you could find what would
suit you. But you ought to do it. If, as some vegeta-
rians do, you are having a good deal of difficulty with
your digestive organs, then you are taking the wrong
thing. Try other things ; there is always a way out.
Unless a person is hopelessly diseased, there is always
a way, and it should be done. If your little children
keep caterpillars in order to see them turn into butter-
flies, they take a good deal of trouble to find what
kind of leaf the caterpillar will eat. They know only
one kind of leaf will suit it. You might take as much
trouble over the animal which is to serve you for so
many years. It is not true that it is foolish or mater-
ial to pay attention to these things, because you want
to get the highest efficiency that you can out of your
machinery, and you must find out what suits it;

otherwise you are not getting the best—you are only
getting the second or third best.

So you must feed it properly on pure food and
drink only, and keep it strictly clean always. Very
great care must be taken about that, which seems
such an obvious thing. There are various reasons
for it, not only for health, not only because it is
the nice, the right, the refined thing to do, but also
because the Master frequently uses those who are in