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SEVENTH TALK             121

close relation with Him as channels for the outpouring
of His force. That is generally confined to those who
are His pupils, Aose who are in close touch with Him-
It is only through them that great outpourings can be
made; but remember that any earnest student is
already under His eye, and that therefore it is not
impossible that any one of you might be needed and
might be used as a channel for force. Many different
kinds of force are poured out by our Masters for many
different purposes. Sometimes one person is suitable
as a channel and sometimes another. If you watch
the case of two pupils side by side, you will
see that one is used always for one type of force
and the other for another—quite a different type.
Now, as I say, there are many such types. It might
well happen that, in a given place, there was no
pupil quite suitable for some particular kind of out-
pouring, and there might be among you someone
who, though not so far advanced, was very suitable
for that particular purpose.  In such a case the
Master would want to use you ; and remember that
this outpouring is on the physical as well as astral, men-
tal, buddhic and other higher planes. If your physical
body failed Him for a moment in this most important
respect, ^He would not, He could not, utilise it,
because you would not be a suitable channel. The
physical body might not be in a condition of perfect
cleanliness. It would be like pouring pure water
through a dirty pipe; it would be fouled on the way