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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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It would be better to take the additional trouble of
sending it round by some other channel. Therefore
you will notice that those who are* in close relation
with the Master are exceedingly careful about the
matter of perfect bodily cleanliness. You cannot be
too careful with regard to it. If strength is out-
poured through you, it comes mainly through your
hands and your feet, those are extremities, the
channels which are chiefly used. Take care that you
can be utilised if you should be needed. Apart from
that, it is the healthy, the refined, the proper, the
best thing to do. Therefore it should be done.
Then He says:

Keep it strictly clean always, even from the minutest
speck of dirt. P'or without a perfectly clean and healthy
body you cannot do the arduous work of preparation, you
cannot bear its ceaseless strain.

You may think that exaggerated, that talk
about the arduous work, the ceaseless strain.
If you feel in that way perhaps you are not
undertaking much work very strongly. Remember
as I have already pointed out, that we are now a
little past the middle of the Fourth Round of our
seven planets, and we are trying to do, in the way of
development, the work which it is intended for
humanity to do towards the end of the Seventh Round.
We are, therefore, three whole rounds ahead in the
effort that we are making, three whole rounds ahead
of our fellows. More than that, we are trying now in