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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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it is a ceaseless strain. The words are well chosen»
You cannot bear that ceaseless strain unless all your
bodies, including the physical, ar<? in good order.
Therefore perfect health is a necessity towards
really rapid progress. Whenever the health fails,
there is a delay at once; for the body cannot
bear the strain that would have to be put on it.
Those who are in charge of the progress of any pupil
always watch most carefully to see whether there is
any overstrain. They will not put the least extra
work upon one under their care, until they see that
he is perfectly able to bear it with a suitable margin.
The strain is really ceaseless, the work is arduous;

so He says you must take care.

But it must always be you who control that body, not it
that controls you.

You see you keep the middle path once more,
which is so often the right and the only right way.

Then on the fourteenth page you come to some-
thing more difficult:

The astral body has ifs desires—dozens of them; it wants
you to be angry, to say sharp words, to feel jealous, to be
greedy for money, to envy other people their possessions, to
yield yourself to depression. All these things it wants, and
many more, not because it wishes to harm you, but because
it likes violent vibrations, and likes to change them
constantly. But you want none of these things,"and there-
fore you must discriminate between your wants and your

Your astral body's in this case. It is more difficult
to realise, but you are not your astral body. It is not