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SEVENTH TALK            125

after all very difficult, with a little practice, to realise
that we are not this physical body, that that is only an
overcoat. But th^ astral body, our emotions and desires,
these seem to be our very dispositions, to be part of
ourselves. Many people surely feel that they a re their
desires, and indeed they are. You may see such
people in every-day life all about you. You may see
people who are full of their desires and emotions, not
necessarily bad ones.  They are so full of those
emotions, that, if you could imagine these taken away,
there would be nothing left—the whole person is desire
and emotion. Now for such a person as that it would
be very difficult to separate himself from his astral
body ; and yet that is what we have to do. You see,
it says the astral body wants you to be angry, wants
you to say sharp words. Well, suppose it does. You
know quite well, when you come to think of it, that
that is of no use to you ; you know that you do not
want that sort of thing; it is only this body that
wants it. Well, why does it want it ? Because it
wants violent vibrations—that is to say, it does not
want the anger, the jealousy, but it wants vibrations
that are strong, and those are the strongest that it
can easily get from you. It does not care whether
those vibrations are of anger or, let us say, of fear, it
would be just the same rejoicing to your astral
elemental if you were in a condition of panic fear,
that would be just as good for it as personal anger.
Neither of them would be at all good for you. You do