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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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not want these violent outbursts. You do not want the
coarser vibrations which are of the greatest interest
to this desire-elemental.

It^ is a little difficult for some of our members to
clear out of their minds the old Christian theory of
the devil. They regard this astral elemental as a
devil sent to tempt them. Now that is very hard
upon the poor creature. It is not an entity to begin
with, it is simply the life of your astral particles all
combining together making a kind of common life;

each particle is a separate thing, a separate life, buty
just as all the bees in a hive or all the ants in an ant-
hill work together for one common object, and each
will avenge anything done to the others as far as they
know it, so do these particles join forces and coalesce.
The lives of all these astral cells combine together
into what is practically one life, and so you get the
result of a kind of creature.

The creature in question has not any intelligence,
but it has a great deal of cunning. It has an instinct
for its own objects which stands in the place of
intelligence and makes it often very much more than
a match for a human being, even though it is very
low in the scale of evolution, although it is not even
a mineral. It is rather humiliating to allow your-
selves to be defeated or to be used as a tool by some-
thing which is not even a mineral yet. The creature
does not know anything about you. Curiously, if it
ever should be possible for it to know about you, you