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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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SEVENTH TALK             127

would appear to it as a tempting demon, because
your efforts are always against its own, and it knows
its efforts are a4 in the direction of its proper evolu-
tion, which after all is the Divine Will for it. 'Tou
will appear to it as a vague force which interferes
with its getting the vibrations ordained for it by God's
will. You are holding it back from making progress
down towards the mineral.   Never mind.   It is
your business to fill your proper place in evolution.

You ought to have outgrown those lower vibrations^
and you are outgrowing them ; therefore cast that
matter away from you and it will be attracted to
some vehicle through which it can reasonably develop.
Do not let yourself be deceived by it. It is difficult
to deal with this creature ; for a long time you have
been letting it have its own way. You must have
been doing so in previous lives, if not in this, or you
would not have that particular kind of astral matter
in your body in this life. It has got into the habit of
being yielded to, and it is very difficult to counter-
act the momentum. There is a permanent atom
that attracts round it just  the kind of matter
that you had in your previous life. The creature
has thus a c'ertain amount of continuity, through that
permanent astral atom. It is difficult to turn round
suddenly ^and check this creature, but you can do it.
You can easily do it. You can discover along what
lines of undesirable activity your particular astral
body wants to run. Each person has his own